Thursday, August 28, 2003

From daily to weekly...

I've really missed catching up on everyone's news but things should get a little easier on the work front soon.

So before I go have a wander over for a visit, here are some linky dinks.

The UK Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell has apparently said "It's fashionable to knock the number of repeats on television and blame the laziness of the broadcasters. But I believe there's a real public service in keeping these memories alive." She was talking about "the classics" but it got me thinking about the programmes I'd like to see repeated. First thoughts are Nice Town with Paul McGann and Josette Simon (did anyone watch this apart from me?); Marion and Geoff (one of the best things on tv in the past twenty years) and Belle and Sebastian (loved this as a child). Oh and Alan Bennett's Talking Heads monologues. Especially the one with Thora Hird. So what would you like to see repeated?

I also heard about a play shown about 15 years ago where Timothy Spall plays Margaret Rutherford. That would be a good repeat, no? And how could I forget NYPD Blue? My first job as world leader would be to show daily repeats...

Of course if I were world leader I would need perfect hair so I'd have to find a minion to do the measuring and timing involved since Ananova reports that "Experts have devised a formula for what they believe is the perfect hair wash":

Tests were carried out over six-months on more than 500 volunteers to examine different methods of wetting, lathering and rinsing hair.

The result is a strict combination which differs depending on the length of the hair.

The formula was devised by scientists at the research centre of beauty product brand Dove in Port Sunlight, Merseyside.

According to its scientists, only running water at a temperature of 36.7 C should be used.

People with short hair should use no more than 6ml of shampoo, medium length 8ml, and long 10ml. Lathering should last 28 seconds and involve 20 rubs.

Hair should then be rinsed for at least 22 seconds and repeated once to ensure cleanliness from the root to the tip.

The experts say conditioner is essential to complete the perfect wash.

Again, the amount recommended depends on the length of hair - 2ml for short, 4ml for medium, and 6ml for long.

The conditioner should be applied with a wide-toothed comb and left for 57 seconds before rinsing with water at 36.7 C.

Guess I'll have to live with imperfect hair for a while yet then.

Still on the girlie front, my hopes were raised a little at the headline "Elderly women boost sexy lingerie company".

Elderly women are the secret of success for a sexy lingerie company in Chile.

Freya lingerie has become known as the 'hot grandmas' company' because of its policy of hiring only elderly women in its Santiago factory. Maria Maldonado, who runs Freya with her two daughters, came up with the idea. One of the daughters, Erika Marchant, told Las Ultimas Noticias online: "No one would give the elderly an opportunity, so we decided to do it. "They are cleaner and more organised. Plus they make good style suggestions."

I guess they're not quite "hot" enough to start modelling the stuff then...

Other trivia learned while listening to late night quizes on LBC: Andy Garcia was born one of conjoined twins and Margaret Rutherford and Tony Benn were cousins.

And finally, here's an "oops" moment if I ever I heard one...

Nos da.
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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Popping in to say a quick howdy doo da

It's all been a bit frantic here, too few hours in the day to cope with all the deadlines. A real stress fest. I've barely had time to read blogs, let alone find any new ones so this will be a linkally challenged post I'm afraid. That's not a real word, is it? Any suggestions?

We didn't make the Wag & Bone show - I was already worried about going there on such a hot day but in the end it was decided for us as a certain furry monster decided to come into season the day before. There is no way I would take a bitch in heat to a venue teeming with hundreds of male dogs all trying to have their evil way with her.

So to avoid the heat (in both senses), we're walking them late at night and getting reacquainted with the nocturnal wildlife. I wish I had a penny for every hedgehog I've tripped over since last week. And the bats! Eeeuw. I considered finding a beekeeper's bonnet but I do have some standards left, even at this advanced age...

I was looking for the translation of thank you in Arabic the other day when I came across a really useful site. Ever needed to translate "I have seen many films with beautiful blonde Swedish women"? Go here immediately!

It's funny what turns up when you're looking for a Greek font. Do know how to say Daisy in Greek? No? Go here and read all about Nteizi's Little Trip. Cool. If that fails to please then you could try the chat up lines here.

If you're not in the mood for learning useful foreign phrases then maybe you'd prefer to get creative and draw an eastender. Or you could check out the artwork at digital blasphemy (thanks to Nina for that).

Need something to stretch the grey matter? How about Meg's quiz?

So what you have you all been up to while I've been away? I know that Estella has been making me giggle tonight, as always and Harriet has written a novel in two short paragraphs. Me wishes me could write like that.

Oh dear, Karan is forced to blog via Western Union - hope it all gets fixed soon Karan! I think it's the strain of all those yodelling links.

Right, I'm off to bed. Night, night.
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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Canine flavour

As we limber up to sweep the boards at the annual Wag and Bone Show*, a few doggie links to get us in the mood.

First up is the Dog Dictionary, then there's blogdogs (check the road signs section). Going on holiday and want to embarrass the pooch? And how about analyzing your pet's name.

* this might be an outright lie. Ed.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

And finally

Have lots of links to catch up on but it's late, it's hot and I'm off to bed. Just one for all you dog/music/technology fans out there: Ben Hammersley's best post ever.
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Monday, August 11, 2003

New toy, new toy!

Lovely Graeme has found a fantastic site for the creatively challenged amongst us - Caption Thing.

It's worth sitting in a puddle of sweat for this, eh?
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Why Girls Are Wierd

Over a week later and I still haven't ordered Why Girls are Wierd but reading Bookworm reminded me - I've read the excerpts and the author has a website, Be sure to click on "the lotion and the basket". Now that's what I call an imagination...
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This one's

... for Manly: Doonesbury on blogging.

Thanks to nowhere for the link.
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Friday, August 08, 2003


Well done Blogger. A new, much faster Knowledge Base has appeared, making it much easier to search for information. I've just been looking at the page on permalinks and there's even a link to Tom Coates' excellent post on the history of permalinks.

So let's try publishing and see if it now works...

Nope, not working. But I keep getting an error message (like most bloggers at the moment) so I'll come back and try tomorrow.
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Wireless News (*sniff, sniff*)

If you do nothing else this week, please go and listen to "The Karma of Canine", by Patricia Ferguson.
"A father discovers that man's best friend doesn't always obey the laws of physics."

It'll be on the BBC website until Friday, 15 August. And now I'm going to go find another box of tissues...
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Bzzz, bzzz, buzzzzy bee

But a couple of things from the inbox.

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Thursday, August 07, 2003

Nothing of note

Listening to Damian Rice (I'm sorry, he does sound like a young Chris de Burgh) and Train 'cos I can't fix permalinks while Bleugger is broken and anyway I've got too much work to do. So there.

But I did get a good google referral today: i am the cheese and its pessimistic. Poor cheese.

Have a nice day.
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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Google referral by typo

james bond music for claranet pieces

"Did you mean: james bond music for clarinet pieces"

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More diverting tactics

Create your own Mondrian

Thanks to red writing for the link.

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If you...

were getting married and 'appened to be a rather good website designer, wouldn't you register the domain name and get some clever advertising in for the vendors? Mmm? Me too!Thanks to utterly boring for the link.

Then how about weighing your degree certificate and calculate how much it cost per kilogram. From the excellent pop dizzy.
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Out of the mouths...

Young american wisdom.

"Never trust a dog to watch your food."
Patrick, age 10

"When your dad is mad and asks you, 'Do I look stupid?' don't answer."
Hannah, 9

"Never tell your mum her diet's not working."
Michael, 14

"When your mum is mad at your dad, don't let her brush your hair".
Taylia, 10

"Puppies still have bad breath even after eating a Tic-Tac."
Andrew, 9

"Never hold a vacuum and a cat at the same time."
Kyoyo, 9

"You can't hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk."
Armir, 9

"Don't wear polka-dot underwear under white shorts."
Kellie, 11

"If you want a kitten, start out by asking for a horse."
Naomi, 15

"Felt markers are not good to use as lipstick."
Lauren, 9

"Don't pick on your sister when she's holding a baseball bat.
Joel, 10

"When you get a bad grade in school, show it to your mum when she's on the phone."
Alyesha, 13

"Never try to baptise a cat. "
Eileen, 8

Thanks to the challenge.
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Go listen to BBC Radio Five Live (you can listen online). Madeleine says she's wrapping up her blog. No, no, no. We want recipes! We want Madeleine to carry on blogging! We think she's a wuss for giving up so soon!

Here's her post for today:

The time has come, the walrus says, to talk of many things. Mainly about blogs. Today, on Radio Five Live (909 and 693 MV in Britain), also available via live webstreaming here we're wrapping up Madeleine's Kitchen Challenge with a discussion about blogs with a couple of people who know. We'll also be conducting a live web chat of sorts, so go to the website to log on and chat about blogging.

Thanks to all those who've read my blog, and who've contributed either via email or on the comments. Thanks especially to Daisy who tried her damnedest to make me into a proper blogger, and Andrew who helped me do stuff.

To find out what I really thought of blogging, go to the Five Live site and listen to the chatter. If the best thing I can say about it is that I learnt a few new recipes, then that's not bad.

Please go visit and persuade her to continue blogging. And get on the phone/Five Live site to join in the discussion!

That's 11:30 BST, just over an hour from now.
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Spotlight update

I've been enjoying medpundit's "commentary on medical news by a practicing physician". It's not just that the medical content (ranging from childhood vaccines to AIDS prejudice) is so well written. There's much, much more.

For example, there's a link to a letter from an angry resident of Hudson, Ohio in the Beacon Journal about the recent floods:

'... in the hands of an angry God'

The next time Hudson wants to host a Harry Potter festival, it should think again. On June 20 the city had thousands of Potter fanatics parading their enthusiasm for sorcery downtown. Parents were leading the way in this witchcraft. I was there with a team to oppose that way of life and belief system. I held a sign that said: "Those who practice magic arts (sorcery) -- their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur.''

Many people mocked us.

Thirty days later, they are engulfed in a flood. This should serve as an example to other communities not to lead the way in evil. If you need another signature from God, perhaps a zigzag, lightning-bolt shape burned into Hudson's landscape would be appropriate, just like the one burned onto Harry Potter's forehead.

Now repent and turn to Jesus. Or you'll need many fire extinguishers, not just an ark, to escape the floodwaters.

Mark Tatton
Cuyahoga Falls

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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

From the inbox

You might have read this before but it still makes me chuckle.

Brother Joseph entered the Monastery of Silence.
The Priest said, "Brother, this is a silent monastery.
You are welcome here as long as you like, but you may not speak until I direct you to do so".

Brother Joseph lived in the monastery for 5 years before the Priest said to him, "Brother Joseph, you have been here for 5 years. You can speak two words."
Brother Joseph said, "Hard bed."
"I'm sorry to hear that," the Priest said, "We will get you a better bed."

After another 5 years, Brother Joseph was called by the Priest. "You may say another two words, Brother Joseph."
"Cold food," said Brother Joseph, and the Priest assured him that the food would be better in the future.

On his 15th anniversary at the monastery, the Priest again called Brother Joseph into his office.
"You may say two words today."
"I quit," said Brother Joseph.
"It's probably best", said the Priest, "You've done f**k all but moan since you've been here.

Thanks to Jane.

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Stop animal slavery!

I feel a bit bad joking about it, so here's a link to the RSPCA (UK)
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Silly Daisy

Oh Karan, what have you done? I've got a huge workload today and where do I keep sneaking off to? The Advertising Slogan Generator, that's where. See what happens?

You'll Never Put A Better Bit Of Daisy On Your Knife.
Nobody Does It Like Daisy.
Don't You Just Love Being In Daisy?
All Daisy, All The Time.
It's That Daisy Feeling.
Fast Daisy and Good for You.

Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Flummel.
Flummel-Lickin' Good.
A Flummel Works Wonders.

Richard: The Other White Meat.
There's More Than One Way To Eat A Richard.

A Lazy Laces A Day Helps You Work, Rest and Play.
For Mash, Get Lazy Laces.
Hand-Built by Lazy Laces.

Out Of The Strong Came Forth Quickos.
Let Your Fingers Do the Walking Through the Quickos.
Full Of Eastern Quickos.

Keep That Sevitz Complexion.
What Would You Do For A Sevitz?

At 29p a Hairy Dog, It's Not a Stress on Your Pocket.
Super Hairy Dog is Almost Here.

You'll Wonder Where the Yellow Went, When You Brush Your Teeth with Mandarin Meg.

Simple Impartial Green Fairy.
Green Fairy Comes to Those Who Wait.
Green Fairy Keeps Going and Going.

New! The Manly Special!
Manly - It Looks Good on You.
Strong Enough for a Man, Made for a Manly.
Just Do Manly.
Sharing the Manly of your Life.
I Was a Manly Weakling.
A Smooth-Running Manly is a Relaxing Experience.
Manly Saves Your Soul.
Big Chocolate Manly.
The Sweet You Can't Eat Without Manly.
Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, Oh, What a Manly it is!
3-in-1 Protection for your Manly.
Make Someone Happy with a Manly.
Ding-Dong! Manly Calling!
All You Need is a Manly and a Dream.
Ribbed For Her Manly.
I Feel Like Manly Tonight.

Go on, we can't have just the one addict in the family!

p.s. When you can tear myself away from the slogan generator, there's more to The Surrealist. Go look see. Enjoy.
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Holy spam!

I'm so used to seeing spam for "member enhancing products" and the like that it came as quite a surprise to see this one today:

We are now providing this unique opportunity for Christians all over the world to purchase Holy Water from the most prestigious of all pilgrim centers.

Direct from Lourdes!

You can use it for yourself or you can also use it as great gifts to your loved ones and family.


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Monday, August 04, 2003

Too hot for Horlicks

So a few links before bedtime.

Don't know why I haven't come across bookblog before but I'm glad I found it via fiendish plot who writes at lost in transit which also brought me to shauny (who is very, very funny). And breathe.

Then I came across feeling listless via Richard's "list of nearby websites" (500 miles? Nearby?). We'll gloss over the
Belgian photo story (wierd but curiously addictive) and move swiftly on to an interview by Emily Dubberley with Mil Millington of things my girlfriend and I have argued about fame which came via a comment at by Joe at Zoe's.

Still with me? Okay. Then there's a lovely photoblog at orbit1, who comes to us via sensitive light, who has been picked as one of the featured photographers in this month’s edition of 28mm (hooray!). As for great design, I've no idea who Peter and Megan are (apart from the info on the site) but it's something to do with a fringe festival thingy and I'm too tired to google it now. Anyway, they've got a rather swish wedding blog here. See what you can do with Blogger when you know how?

Oh and the other day I mentioned that biting nails was wondering why people were ending up at her site through searching for a certain term. I won't mention that term again because now I'm getting googled for it. It's the signature of this guy. If you're interested in anti smoking campaigns, he's worth a visit. Cough. Pass me a Malboro.
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I think this little critter

Has been studying too.

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Flummeling is also good for you

Where else would I have been persuaded to go look at a site all about physics? And enjoy it?
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Sunday, August 03, 2003

It was bound to happen

Jane has spotted a new book, Why Girls Are Weird : A Novel

Here's the Amazon blurb:

She was just writing a story.

When Anna Koval decides to creatively kill time at her library job in Austin by teaching herself HTML and posting partially fabricated stories about her life on the Internet, she hardly imagines anyone besides her friend Dale is going to read them. He's been bugging her to start writing again since her breakup with Ian over a year ago. And so what if the "Anna K" persona in Anna's online journal has a fabulous boyfriend named Ian? It's not like the real Ian will ever find out about it.

The story started writing itself.

Almost instantly Anna K starts getting e-mail from adoring fans that read her daily postings religiously. One devotee, Tess, seems intent on becoming Anna K's real-life best friend and another, a male admirer who goes by the name of "Ldobler," sounds like he'd want to date Anna K if she didn't already have a boyfriend. Meanwhile, the real Anna can't help but wonder if her newfound fans like her or the alter ego she's created. It's only a matter of time before fact and fiction collide and force Anna to decide not only who she wants to be with, but who she wants to be.

Anyone read it yet?
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Mission statement

Why do I update this blog?
  • To link and share things I've enjoyed

  • To enjoy the sense of community

  • To learn more about html, css and Other Things (eventually)

I am the most apolitical person you could meet. I don't read newspapers, I just about keep up with current affairs by listening to BBC Radio 4 (short bulletins only, thank you) but I do read lot. Huge amounts. And sometimes politics gets in the way of a good read.

The only time I will get involved in discussion of politics is when my "intolerance/unfairness antenna" starts wiggling. I am my father's daughter. Involvement usually means ignoring the source of that intolerance but sometimes I'll speak up. And sometimes I get it wrong. I posted the link to the Margaret Drabble article because it seemed odd to be so angry at her that she would "award" her alongside some fairly unsavoury characters. Why? Because she spoke out against the Bush and Blair governments?

I have the feeling that one of the biggest differences between the US and the UK (the UK specifically rather than Europe as a whole) is in our attitude to our leaders. Where most Americans treat the presidency with some reverence (while recognising the faults of the man in office), we tend to make almost a sport of knocking the prime minister, whatever flavour of politics he or she represents.

We can't ask Margaret Drabble to explain her writing but I can explain my understanding of it: I didn't --and still don't-- see the piece as being anti American. I see it as railing against the US government and its multi million dollar corporations who seek to globalise, not against the American people.
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Friday, August 01, 2003

Shifting opinions

I've just been reading an excellent article by Margaret Drabble about her feelings towards the side of America we've seen since George Bush was elected.

I hate feeling this hatred. I have to keep reminding myself that if Bush hadn't been (so narrowly) elected, we wouldn't be here, and none of this would have happened. There is another America. Long live the other America, and may this one pass away soon.

I came across it via Kelley at suburban blight who strangely awards Ms Drabble the Unmitigated Twat of the Week award alongside the murderer/manslaughterer/just plain stupid (depending on your viewpoint) Chante Jawan Mallard and a cruel woman who convinced a couple that she was their long missing daughter.
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Don't go and check out 20 questions until you have some time to spare. Brilliant. Via hairy dog, via via kottke.
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Film titles as links

The good, the baaad and the ugly. Via scoble and water.
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Been impressed by all the wonderful work done for 26 things? Me too. But the inventiveness and "makes me giggle" award™ must go to Manly for his 26 alternative things. Go enjoy.

I'm just off to record the sound of cornflakes floating in milk.
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One quick link

A Washington Post article by Leslie Walker on a new blogging system called netomat. Thanks to gotfoo.

Zed is looking for something to keep her awake and increase her energy levels, while biting nails ("age: 40 and adjusting") is wondering why people are looking for ezechiele2002.

And now I'm going to bed to see if I can get some sleep.

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